Mighty Rewards

Earn $1 for every $20 

spent on qualifying transactions

Rewarding you for shopping 

at Wells Mitre 10. 


Visit the Mighty Rewards page here for the Terms and Conditions. 

Hill Street Rewards

Member Login

Earn $1 for every $100 

spent on qualifying transactions

Rewards program to thank you for shopping 

at Wells Supa IGA.


1. Membership to the program is free and you can join by simply picking up a Hill Street Rewards Card (the 'Card') at a participating store and going online to input your details at rewards.hillstreetgrocer.com (the Website). Your 'home store' (Home Store) will be defaulted to the store you made your original Hill Street Rewards Card purchase at. A registered Card is not transferable, and may only be used by the registered cardholder. It is your responsibility to keep your personal details updated. If your personal details change and you fail to notify us of the change we might not be able to offer or provide to you benefits and may need to cancel your Card. If an unregistered Card is lost, any benefit loaded on the Card cannot be replaced.

2. Participating stores (the Store) will display the Hill Street Rewards Card logo. Not all stores participate in the program. Participating stores will provide different benefits and they will vary them from time to time. For example, some stores will offer Hill Street Rewards Card special prices on selected products. Other stores will award loyalty points that you can use to pay for a future purchase. Many stores will periodically donate a percentage of the transaction value to nominated clubs and charities. For details of what benefits a Store offers, check with the staff at your next visit.

3. Using your card is easy. Once you have registered, simply have the checkout operator scan your Card during your transaction and you will start receiving benefits. If the Store offers special Hill Street Rewards Card special prices, these will be shown on your cash register receipt. If the Store chooses to award points, the points earned will be displayed on the end of your receipt. If the Store contributes to local and charities, the points to be contributed will be shown on the end of your receipt. If the Store chooses the award points, you can choose to redeem some of all of your points you've earned in that store in a future purchase. Just tell the checkout operator before you make any payments for the current transaction. You can check your recent transactions on the Website. Please allow a few days for data to be updated before contacting the Call Centre.

4. Linking cards to one account - If you have registered your Card, you can add Cards to your account that have been registered by your family or friends, via the Website. Our Website may refer to this as "linking". When you add other registered Cards to your account, you may be required to supply personal information for verification purposes. You should note that all additional cardholders may utilize your current entitlements without your knowledge. In registering any additional Cards you consent to those cardholders accessing your accrued entitlements. All benefits loaded on additional Cards will be credited to one account (the "Account"). The Account will be available to be drawn on by each additional cardholder so that any additional cardholder may redeem any benefit credited to the Account. If you want to add cardholders to your Account, you and your family or friends must nominate one Card as the primary Card ("Primary Card"). A maximum of 5 Cards (including the Primary Card) may be added together. If you decide that you no longer want to be a primary or additional cardholder to other Card(s), you can remove other cardholders from your account by logging on to our Website and clicking "unlink your cards". A primary cardholder can remove other Card(s) without the other cardholders' consent. Any benefits from a removed card will remain with the Account.

5. We respect your privacy. We collect, store and use your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. By participating in this program you consent to your Home Store using your personal information to operate and provide you with the membership benefits of the Hill Street Rewards Card program. You also consent to your Home Store using your personal information to assist in researching new product and service offerings. You can opt out of receiving any marketing and promotional material by un-ticking the appropriate checkbox during the online registration process. You can also opt out of receiving your monthly statement in the same manner. You can access and modify your personal information online at the Website.

6. You may cancel your Card either on our Website or by telephoning our Call Centre. If a Card is cancelled all benefits will be automatically forfeited.

7. Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards - Keep your Card in a safe place. If your Card is lost, stolen or damaged, visit our Website or telephone our Call Centre. If you have registered your Card and your Card is lost or stolen, your Home Store may issue you with a replacement Card. Any benefits on your lost or stolen registered Card will be cancelled but may be replaced by your Home Store. However, if your Card is not registered, any benefits already loaded on that lost Card cannot be replaced. If your Card is damaged or unusable, your Home Store may issue you with a replacement Card. If your Card is registered or if the unique barcode on the Card is still readable, any benefits loaded on your damaged Card may be replaced by your Home Store. However, if your Card is not registered and the unique barcode is not readable, any benefits already loaded on that damaged Card cannot be replaced. The issuing of replacement Cards and the re-instatement of current entitlements on lost, stolen or damaged Cards is at your Home Store's discretion.

8. Other information
By registering online you will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions that govern the Hill Street Rewards Card program. Your card is issued by and remains the property of your Home Store.
We reserve the right at any time and without notice, to:
(a) decline to issue Hill Street Rewards Cards
(b) cancel your membership
(c) modify membership benefits
(d) terminate the Hill Street Rewards Card program

9. Terms and Conditions
We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time. Any changes to the terms and conditions will be made available to members via rewards.hillstreetgrocer.com.

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