Wells Rural Supplies have been serving the rural needs of the local and surrounding communities for over 100 years and are stockists of a large range of rural and agricultural supplies.

We deal in a full range of fertilisers from 25kg bags through to 1 tonne bulk fertiliser bags. We can arrange soil testing for your property to ensure the correct blend and volume of fertiliser to optimise the cropping outcomes.

We are major suppliers of chemicals to rural and agricultural communities and are able to satisfy most needs from 1 litre to broad acre and crop spraying volumes.

For quality rural advice and service, please contact our Rural Representative on 0417 314 561  or  03 6426 5000.

Some of our extensive stocked range includes:

  • Full Range of Koppers Logs
  • Fence Droppers 
  • Gates from 8ft (2.4m) to 18ft (5.4m) 
  • Full range of Speedrite Electric Equipment 
  • Waratah range of wire (from barbed through to ring lock) 
  • Cattle and sheep drenches 
  • Full range of chemicals for all needs from hobby farming through to professional cropping 
  • Bulk Seeds - annuals and perennials 
  • Range of stock feed / lick blocks and pet food
Please enquire if your required product is not listed.

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Wells Rural Supplies are agents for CSB Capital Steel Buildings. We can assist you with a new farm or factory shed no matter how large or small. Please contact us for full details and pricing.


Wells Rural Supplies have been stockists and suppliers of Beekeeping Equipment for over 100 years, and are major suppliers to the Tasmanian Beekeeping Industry. See us for all of your beekeeping needs from hives, tools and accessories to bee suits, veils and gloves.

Suppliers of Beekeeping equipment for over 100 years:
  • Full range of boxes, frames & accessories (timber & plastic)
  • Foundation Wax (full depth & ideal)
  • Nails for boxes & frames
  • Hive fasteners
  • Smokers (USA & NZ) 3" & 4"
  • Australian goat skin gloves
  • Folding hoods
  • Queen excluders – PVC & metal
  • Queen cell cups
  • Extractors – S/S
  • Buckets – 0.25kg to 5.0kg
  • Lids & bases
  • Framing wire
  • Tacks for wiring
  • Hive tools (2 styles)
  • Bee Suits – all sizes
  • Veils – several styles
  • Bee suits – all sizes
  • Bee escapes
  • Capping scratchers
  • Strainers
  • Full range of tools & accessories

If your required item is not listed please contact us by phone or use our contact form.

Call us for prompt deliveries anywhere in Tasmania.